Online Participation Policy

Your success in any online course will heavily depend on your ability to communicate, engage and participate in all course activities. Successful completion of an online course requires that a student keep up with all assignments, course work and discussions. Timely participation in online discussions is a very important part of any online course and participation in discussions, as well as activities assigned, is not optional. You are expected to prepare and post to discussions in a timely manner consistent with the requirements contained within the course syllabus and discussion rubric. If you are unable to participate in the scheduled class activity or discussions you must notify the instructor within the week of that class module or discussion. An un-excused failure to engage or participate with the class will be counted as an absence; un-excused absences may result in a reduction in grade or the failure of the course. The instructor reserves the right to make judgment on accepting and/or making–up assignments missed because of failed participation in the course activities.

Documentation of Last Day of Attendance for Online Courses/Programs

Documentation that a student has logged into an online class is not sufficient by itself to demonstrate academic attendance. This position is consistent with the guidance the Department of Education has provided to individual institutions regarding the applicability of the regulations to online programs.

“Presence” in class for online courses is determined by participation in an “academically related activity”, i.e. submission of as assignment, assessment or discussion forum posting. The last day of attendance is the last day that a student is academically participating in the online course.


All six modules must be taken in order to earn the Chancellor’s Certificate in International Trade. The cost is $1,800. Each module also can be taken individually for $350 per module. Cancellation & Refund Policy


Scholarships up to $1000 per person now available for the Chancellor’s Certificate in International Trade (CCIT). This funding is generously provided by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Please contact Stella Sheehan or call (314) 615-8141 for further information, including eligibility requirements.