Student Readiness

Learning online will be greatly facilitated if students have basic computer skills before enrolling in an online course. Students can acquire these skills on their own or by attending specific technology enhancing classes at a local library or community college. A checklist for each student should be completed prior to enrollment. You’re ready if you can::

  • Browse the Web
  • Use Internet search engines, i.e. Google and Yahoo
  • Recognize a Web link
  • Use the Back and Forward buttons
  • Print Web pages
  • Create and edit bookmarks
  • Download and install software from the Web
  • Use Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh
  • Connect to the Web via a modem or by other means
  • Type using a word processor, such as Microsoft Word
  • Develop a presentation, such as Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Send and receive email and print messages
  • Attach files to email
  • Cut, copy and paste text
  • Move, copy and delete files

Possible Roadblocks:

  • You own an older computer. An older or slower computer may mean more difficulty with your course in terms of speed, access and some functionality.
  • You have dial-up access to the Internet. Dial-up connection speed is slower and may be difficult to access during peak hours requiring adjustments to normal schedule.
  • Your experience using listservs and newsgroups is low. Familiarity with chat discussions, bulletin boards and similar discussion boards is a plus, but not a requirement for an online course.


All six modules must be taken in order to earn the Chancellor’s Certificate in International Trade. The cost is $1,800. Each module also can be taken individually for $350 per module. Cancellation & Refund Policy


Scholarships up to $1000 per person now available for the Chancellor’s Certificate in International Trade (CCIT). This funding is generously provided by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Please contact Stella Sheehan or call (314) 615-8141 for further information, including eligibility requirements.