Keys to Success

The virtual classroom is a significant part of today’s educational community. Online classes are not the same as traditional, on campus courses. Online classes are typically “asynchronous” meaning that the students, instructor and other students do not have to be “logged” into the classroom at the same time.

Online classes are not for everyone. The level of social interaction in the virtual classroom can be very high, but it is not the same as being on campus. The opportunity to do coursework online any time anywhere places unique responsibilities on the student to manage and complete the course. A successful online student possesses unique and identifiable characteristics such as the following:

  • Is self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • Is an independent learner
  • Is proficient and comfortable at written communication
  • Is goal and task oriented
  • Asks questions and asks for help when needed
  • Has reliable and continual access to a computer
  • Sets a schedule and keeps it
  • Is not easily frustrated
  • Remembers netiquette
  • Realizes “flexibility” does not mean “easy”
  • Is able to apply critical thinking and decision making skills to the learning process in responding

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